79 Resonance Project

RESONANCE PROJECT Powerful, Dynamic, Uplifting, Atmospheric, Virtuosic, Progressive, Melodic Rock Music. Sublime musical prowess & performance featuring memorable songs with dynamic hooks & lyrics and a positive message to inspire, captivate and excite.

Donna Greene is the voice of Resonance Project, and one of the principal songwriters. Her powerful yet musical vocals and commanding stage presence is a focal point of the band’s live show. The songs lose nothing in translation from her recorded performances, earning Donna her reputation for consistent excellence.

Donna is respected among her peers and a recognized singer both in Australia & overseas, where she has toured to critical and public acclaim. With Resonance Project, Donna comes into her own as a vocalist and performer of class, charisma and rare insight. Starting with their band Rusty Cage, Donna and Graham have worked side by side on most of their music projects since 1994.

GRAHAM GREENE – Arrangements/Guitars/Vocals
Australian Guitar Hero; Hailed by Australian Guitar Magazine as “The Satriani of the South”, Graham is a leading exponent of Australian melodic rock guitar. His instrumental albums showcase his virtuosic command of the instrument, and his work with Resonance Project is no less impressive, as years of experience and a feel for his craft translate into great music and great live shows.
Graham’s credentials & history can be found at www.grahamgreene.com.au
Graham is an endorsee with Mesa/Boogie amplifiers, Wegen Picks and Ormsby Guitars, who make three ‘Graham Greene Signature Series’ guitars – the GG6, GG6FG and GG7.