Stay warm this winter

Keeping it green, as we like to do at Light Home, we’ve investigated some of the options to help you keep warm in bed and happy in the knowledge you’re also doing something positive for the environment and creating an eco home.

Eco-friendly doonas, alpaca doonas – and even green electric blankets. Read on to find out more.

Eco doonas

Gosford-based Bambi, which started as a family business over 30 years ago, specialises in eco bedding and has a great range of eco doona options.

Eco-friendly fibres used in their products include cotton, wool, plantation-grown bamboo, Ingeo™, which comes from corn, and Tencel®, a 100% new age fibre, made of wood pulp cellulose that comes from sustainable forestry plantations.

Bambi’s Ecorenew range of doonas includes several designed for chilly nights, such as the Ecorenew Ingeo™ and the Ecorenew Tencel®.

Be as warm as an alpaca

Alpaca wool is also being used to fill some of the warmest doonas on the market. The wool is light but packed full of some high insulation properties, making it one of the warmest bedding products available.

The Benbellen Country Retreat, on the NSW mid-north coast, produces alpaca doonas, selecting, combing and washing the wool before using it to fill the doonas.

ecorenewquiltTathara Alpacas, in Victoria, also makes alpaca doonas and their standard doona has a thermal rating equivalent to three and a half blankets. But they also produce a ‘His & Hers’ quilted alpaca doona – one side with a thermal rating of three and a half blankets and the other with a thermal rating of five blankets – perfect for couples who can’t agree on how thick their doona needs to be!

Alpaca wool

Should you switch on the electric blanket?
Electric blankets make things super-cosy. But for the eco-conscious, there’s the obvious concern that plugging your blanket in all night is a bad use of electricity.

There are eco electric blankets out there to ease your conscience.

The Econo-Heat E-care low voltage electric blanket uses minimal electricity to keep your bed warm and cosy all night. It also turns itself off automatically if it’s left running for more than 10 hours.

Home Insulation

Insulation is an essential part of a well-designed home and can save 45 – 55% of heating and cooling energy, according to Sustainability Victoria. Not only is it necessary to meet mandatory energy efficiency ratings, it will also improve comfort year-round by ensuring heat stays in during winter and out during the warmer months.
Heat is gained or lost through all parts of a building, with the amounts varying depending on the season. According to Insulation Benefits, a factsheet put out by the Victorian Sustainable Energy Authority, during winter:

25-35 percent of heat is lost through the ceiling,
10-20 percent through windows;
15-25 percent through the walls;
10-20 percent through the floors;
and another 5-15 percent through other air leakages, such as open doors

All up, that’s 90 to 100% of the heat in your home going to the outside!

The reverse happens in the summertime, with 25-35 percent of heat coming through the ceiling, 25-35 percent through windows, 15-25 percent through the walls, and 5-15 percent through other air leakages.

Warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

There are several different types of insulation on the market: bulk insulation (batts) that reduces heat flow by trapping air in tiny pockets, and reflective membrane insulation (sarking) that reflects radiant heat away from the building.

Bulk insulation comes in a variety of R ratings (the value given to their thermal performance) and is inserted inside stud walls and in ceilings. The higher the R value, the greater its insulating effect, but it does need to be installed correctly, explains Anthony Milostic, National Technical Support Manager at James Hardie.

“As a general rule, using a R2.7 batt from a company like Fletchers Insulation into the wall frame, and combining that with the additional R value gained by using lightweight cladding products such as James Hardie’s Scyon™ range will give a rating of R2.8, and satisfy the six star energy efficiency house standard that applies in most Australian climate zones,” he says.

“Reflective sarking also reflects radiant heat away from the home’s interior, however the reflective side needs an airspace of at least 19 mm in front of it for walls,” he says. “If there is something in direct contact with it, such as if the cladding has been squashed on top, it won’t work.”

And while the consequences of under-insulation are fairly obvious, it is also possible to over-insulate.

“It depends on the climate and the building design, but it is possible to create an oven effect that traps hot air inside,” says Milostic.

Well-placed windows that encourage cross-ventilation in the warmer months and appropriate shading will help stop the house turning into an oven.

In response to the reader’s question about insulating a long western wall, Milostic advises building a timber frame with bulk insulation inside the wall frame, and installing a layer of antiglare sarking facing outwards.

“Nineteen-millimetre thick Scyon™ battens should then be fixed to the timber frame then clad with something like Scyon™ Matrix cladding panels. This will give the wall a total R3.4 rating, which will help put the house in the 7-8 star category.”

Lightweight is better.

Architect Ed Ewers faced a similar challenge for a house he built in Melbourne’s Richmond. He has examined a number of wall systems, and agrees that “you don’t want heavy thermal mass [like a brick wall] facing west; it needs to be lightweight”.

However he believes that the best and most efficient solution in terms of time, money and performance is to build two lightweight ‘skins’ with an air gap between them.

“The external wall should consist of a timber frame filled with R2.7 bulk insulation and clad with fibre cement sheeting like the Scyon™ range of products or with Foamboard,” he says, adding that reflective paper (sarking) should be stapled to both sides of the frame.

“A second timber frame that is also filled with R 2.7 bulk insulation can then be lined with plaster. Leaving a gap between the two walls will create an airpocket that provides additional thermal benefits.” Reflective paper should be stapled to the external face of the frame.

While this system will create thicker walls, Ewers says that the double thickness can be used as a feature.

“It is important in a home to have a bit of western aspect because the late afternoon light is quite nice, although you do have to reduce the size of windows,” he says. “[This is made up for] by the deep window reveals created by the thicker walls, which create a feeling of depth in the room.”


Visit Pinterest to see Types of Insulation Pictures

79 Resonance Project

RESONANCE PROJECT Powerful, Dynamic, Uplifting, Atmospheric, Virtuosic, Progressive, Melodic Rock Music. Sublime musical prowess & performance featuring memorable songs with dynamic hooks & lyrics and a positive message to inspire, captivate and excite.

Donna Greene is the voice of Resonance Project, and one of the principal songwriters. Her powerful yet musical vocals and commanding stage presence is a focal point of the band’s live show. The songs lose nothing in translation from her recorded performances, earning Donna her reputation for consistent excellence.

Donna is respected among her peers and a recognized singer both in Australia & overseas, where she has toured to critical and public acclaim. With Resonance Project, Donna comes into her own as a vocalist and performer of class, charisma and rare insight. Starting with their band Rusty Cage, Donna and Graham have worked side by side on most of their music projects since 1994.

GRAHAM GREENE – Arrangements/Guitars/Vocals
Australian Guitar Hero; Hailed by Australian Guitar Magazine as “The Satriani of the South”, Graham is a leading exponent of Australian melodic rock guitar. His instrumental albums showcase his virtuosic command of the instrument, and his work with Resonance Project is no less impressive, as years of experience and a feel for his craft translate into great music and great live shows.
Graham’s credentials & history can be found at
Graham is an endorsee with Mesa/Boogie amplifiers, Wegen Picks and Ormsby Guitars, who make three ‘Graham Greene Signature Series’ guitars – the GG6, GG6FG and GG7.

Resonance Project Background

From 1994 to this point, while Graham and Donna have worked on other songs and material together including a previous incarnation of Resonance Project (Judgement Day 1994-1997), Graham has predominantly been performing as a solo guitarist playing instrumentals with his band, Graham Greene & The Happy Sinners, which includes Donna as co-writer and vocalist on the songs that are included on Graham’s albums.

In late 2007, Graham and Donna Greene received a communication from Vietnam requesting their presence to perform and represent Australia at a multinational concert to be held in Hanoi on the 10th of January 2008. “Hello Vietnam” was a world concert put together to celebrate friends across the water as the closing ceremony for the South East Asia Economic Conference.

As chance would have it, Donna had just released an EP of vocal tracks, both from her work with Graham and newly written material. The title of the CD and title track is “Resonance (Spirit of Man)” and was also dedicated to the Stop Child Executions campaign.

Knowing that a band presence was preferable to appearing under one person’s name, Graham and Donna decided that Graham Greene & The Happy Sinners would undergo a transformation for the Vietnam concert and Resonance Project was born.

The concert at Hanoi’s My Dinh National Stadium was a huge success with Resonance Project playing to a live crowd of 15,000+ and a TV audience of six million across South East Asia. The performance made local stars of the Australians with their new Vietnamese friends and set the stage for a new direction for the band when they returned home.

Resonance Project was now an entity unto itself producing new songs which have been hailed globally as “the stuff”.

It has also been an honour for ‘Resonance Project’ to have had their songs used to assist in rasing funds for world wide campaigns such as Stop Child Executions (Iran), The Orange Children’s charity (Vietnam) and the Victims of Hurricane Sandy project via Melodic Revolution Records (US), to name a few.

“Resonance Project” went into hiatus at the end of 2009 to 2014 to work with Jac Dalton on the “Icarus” project.

In November 2012, Resonance Project resurfaced with a 3 track EP, “Rise & Fall”.

Resonance Project 2014 EP Release: Tale Goes On.

2015 sees Resonance Project begin recording an already titled new EP.

Resonance Project Highlights


January Resonance Project is invited by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs in Vietnam to represent Australia at the My Dinh National Stadium and headlines the “Welcome Vietnam” event, an event culminating in band performances from several nations to depict friendship across the world. The event is based on the back of the South East Asian Economics Conference being held in Vietnam for the first time with delegates from approximately 60 nations in attendance. The show was played to a live crowd of 15,000 people and aired live via VTV1 to a viewing audience of 6 million people across Asia. Resonance Project received a standing response and ovation. Proceeds from the event went to the Orange Children’s Foundation.
March Donna is interviewed and Resonance Project featured on
April Graham’s instrumental “Impressive Hair” (also played during the Resonance Project live shows) wins 1st place in the category of ‘Rock Instrumental’ on – A US based fan website.
May Resonance Project is Featured Artist on United Rock Kingdom – US based rock internet radio station.
July Greenehouse Productions presents the Inaugural “Guitar Gods Behaving Badly” event (see where Resonance Project perform three of their recent and new tracks to an appreciative crowd amidst the Graham Greene instrumental headline performance.
August Graham (the first Australian Mesa/Boogie endorsee to be presented on the US Mesa/Boogie website) MC’s the Music Park “Boogie Nights in Manhattan” Mesa/Boogie Clinic and performs. This is an Australian first for Mesa/Boogie in Australia.
August/September Resonance Project songs and Graham Greene instrumentals are both a “Featured Artist” on US based website My Stage Music for the genre of ‘Metal’ and ‘Rock’ respectively. Resonance Project boasts “Six” of the Top 10 Most Played Tracks and 2 of the Most Viewed Videos for the past 4 months consecutively (July, August, September, October).
October Graham Greene wins “Best Rock Instrumental Artist” at the Star Music Awards, Hollywood, US.
November Headlined Guitar Gods II (AU) Show
December Graham interviewed on Hard Rock Radio Live with DJ Speedking



The band triumphs again in January as Featured Artist for the Metal Category on MyStage Music bringing the count to six consecutive months at top spot. (in US)
Donna and Graham interviewed by Hollye Hades on United Rock Kingdom (US)
Featured Artist on Global Thunda Network (AU)

Performs at Guitar Gods III “The Three Kings” show with John Meyer and Jamie Page.

Graham and Donna perform with John Meyer and Jamie Page in a Guitar Gods set at the Music Industry Reunion Concert held at Metropolis Concert Club Perth.


Towards the end 2009 through 2010 took a hiatus from Resonance Project for Graham to co-write the AOR CD “ICARUS” with Jac Dalton and Darren Mullan. See more on the Jac Dalton website.
Resonance Project receives acknowlegement from Andrew Haug (AU) in January 2010.


Began the Lady Zeppelin show – A Led Zeppelin Experience. |
In June 2011, MyStage Music (US) gives praise and recognition:
“In recognition of exceptional composition and performance”, Resonance Project songs, “Fire In Your Liberty” and “Resonance ~ Spirit Of Man” are featured in the MyStage Music Showcase.

The showcase still stands today.


Jac Dalton Band – Graham Greene/Resonance Project and Lady Zeppelin band members unite to spend the year promoting the Icarus project. See more on the Jac Dalton website.
November, Resonance Project resurface with a 3 track EP, “Rise & Fall” is receiving promotion through Firebrand Rock Radio & Firebrand Magazine (UK) which prompted an interview with DJ REM on Rock Addict Radio (US) to round off the year.


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered Tale Goes On Single and EP
Released Tale Goes On Single on 9 December 2013
Tale Goes On is receiving Airplay in Australia, UK and US.


Released Tale Goes On EP 6 January 2014
“Tale Goes On” included on the “Defeat Is Not An Option” CD for the Rock For MS project; raising funds and awareness for people living with MS. November 2014